What is the Coronavirus trying to tell us?

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A question from one of our students leads me to write this blog about the coronavirus.

The question was:

“The coronavirus attacks the lungs. The emotion of the lungs is sadness, how do you look at it?”

According to Eastern medicine emotions are believed to be directly connected to specific organs in our body and grief is indeed the basic emotion of the lungs.

However, the energetic functions of the lungs are more than that. Through the lungs we breath in the new, and let go of the old. If you do not breath well unhealed wounds become stuck energy in your body.

All the trauma we have experienced during our lives we have stored in our lungs

So there is much more in our lungs than just grief.

Deep slow breathing is one of the best ways to let go of trauma and stress.

However, nowadays we have such a fast pace of life that it has started to influence our breathing. Because we want everything faster and better and don’t pause, we forget to breathe properly: deep and slow. Our breathing has become rapid and shallow, is stopped…. The result is that there is no good flow / ventilation in our lungs anymore. We need to exhale long to be able to release old emotions, old toxins and stress, because if we don’t and hold on it can lead to more stress and anxiety.

Because of this fast pace life our lungs get filled up more and more and breathing becomes less and less efficient. The lung energy has to be in balance.

A vicious circle, but one that is spiraling downward when out of balance.

Apart from that the lungs are also about integrity, being honest, especially to yourself. You should not let yourself be influenced by the outside world. It is also important to set your boundaries in time. Especially the ones for yourself. Often these are the boundaries that are forgotten and you become self destructive. Always running, chasing, multitasking, working long hours without stopping, wanting things instantly.

We live in a world where our outside world has become very important. Even when things are not going well. If you look on Facebook and Instagram you only see images of beautiful, happy, and successful people living the perfect life. They never seem to worry. However, you only see their fake perfect outward image, but not what is really going on in their lives or inside of themselves. But what is the value of showing others a perfect image of yourself when your reality is maybe exactly the opposite?  Why not being honest to yourself? What is more important?

To be able to live as a person of integrity you need to be able to trust. In Chinese philosophy, trust is linked to the spleen.

The spleen is the mother of the lungs in the five element circle. Paying attention to the spleen is therefore also very important.

If we look at the energy of the spleen, food is the most important element. The spleen regulates our entire digestive system. The spleen does not like a lot of cold food. It needs heat, so take pre-heated food and hot drinks. Overthinking, taking care of others at the expense of your own health and worrying disrupts our spleen.

Again, living slower can help. Slowing down, pause, reflect, bringing attention to what you eat by eating healthy vegetables cooked by yourself instead of fast food and when you slow down you automatically breathe better.

Your concentration and focus will improve.

The lung energy also has a special connection to the supply energy. You could say they are married. So if something happens to one or the other, the other will also go out of balance.

For example, the supply energy is about our direction in life. What do you want to do in your life, study, work, home….

You probably will experience it now, because of the Coronavirus you are forced to stay inside. Somehow you lose the present direction of your life and at the same time you may start to contemplate your life and see if adjustments need to be made.

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What does the Corona virus tell us?

Initially it is a bummer for everyone. And those who are still healthy have not really anything to complain about. Okay you are limited, but in good health. It is excessively difficult for those who have caught the virus. It is even more difficult for those who have already lost loved ones. I empathize with you and send your love.

And yet my advice is not to go into fear but stay calm.

Breathe a bit fuller and deeper. This is to keep your lungs flexible.

Don’t forget to go inside, feel and see where you are now in your life.

The coronavirus will mean something different to everyone.

Maybe you can work on your confidence, maybe you feel that you can let go of emotions or maybe it becomes clear that you are ready to walk a different life path. Perhaps the question is to really live and follow your heart.

No one can give you the answer, the answer lives in you. Going inside where the world outside of you is so important.

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