Qigong and stress

How do you deal with your stress?

Stress? Can you think of anyone who is not stressed nowadays?
Maybe you think: No, I am not stressed, I am very calm. But also  then it is good to take a look at how you are dealing with stressful situations.
The word stress often refers to too much activity, at home and at work.
However, your body can also get stressed from incorrect nutrition, or from eating too much or too little.

Most of the time we ignore our fear, pain, stress and just carry on.
Our head tells us that we are not stressed and that
everything is fine. We try not to feel. Because feeling is not nice. Feeling can often be unpleasant and painful. And in our present society we do not want to feel pain. We want to feel happy and joyful. Everything has to be great!

If you don’t believe me, take a look at Faceboek or Instagram. It seems like everyone is happy and no one has any problems.

We don’t put images of our problems on social media. We don’t like to show others that things are not going well or that we are struggling. We hide our feelings when we feel depressed,  worried or stressed or when we can’t cope. We prefer to keep those feelings inside.

Because it feels like a weakness. We rather hide our true feelings, suppress our emotions and push them away than try to heal them. We just move on and hope that also this will go away.

It is true that you should not hold on to feelings of sadness or anger, that does not help, but pretending that they are not there and that everything is well and fine is also not a solution.

At least not if you want to get rid of your stress. Suppressing your feeling is also stressful.

Stress and Chinese Medicine

How does Chinese medicine look at stress and what can Medical Qi Gong do for you.
Qi Gong is one of the branches of  Chinese medicine. The exercises go beyond just some gymnastics. They promote self-healing, prevent disease, and increase longevity.
The movements ensure that you also move in the energy. In other words, your energy is going to flow. Energy that does not flow causes stagnation and pain in your body. Througj the exercises that pain will disappear and your mind will become quiet again. Than your heart will become calmer and your sleep gets better.

How does it work now?

In Chinese medicine, we look at the body differently. The organs are also looked at, but more in an energetic way. By that I mean more attention is paid to the emotion that belongs to an organ and also more to the psyche. And to our patterns and pitfalls that arose in our childhood, because that’s where patterns develop to allow us to survive.

Which organ is most sensitive to stress? The liver.

Our liver is the most stress-sensitive organ.
What happens to your liver in case of stress?
The energy of the liver ensures that in normal circumstances the energy flows and moves throughout your body. You feel agile fit and flexible.
What if this energy no longer flows properly.
Then a problem arises. Then this energy stagnates somewhere in your body. But
what is a stagnation ? You could call it an accumulation of energy. For example, imagine that the energy particles are small stones and when they start to accumulate, they become
a collection of stones in which no movement can be found anymore. It
hardens and forms a large stone, as it were.
How do you feel that?
Mainly by feelings of  pain, but it can also literally be a hardening. If this continues, several spots may arise that stagnate.
Stagnation is the beginning of illness.

And what about the emotion and the psyche?

The energy of the liver ensures that we get our path clear. That we know which direction we want to take in our lives.

Sometimes do not know what we want in our life, work, relationship or residence. This can cause stagnation.

When we talk about the emotion, the frustration, irritation and anger the stagnation will slowly dissolve. Feelings of anger, being agressive can be a result.

In Chinese medicine, all organs are interconnected. They feed and disturb each other.

You can understand if there is such a disturbance that the rest slowly gets out of balance and more complaints emerge.
No, it is not!

There is a lot that van be done.

Qigong is an ideal tool for this.
By doing specific exercises and movements for your liver energy, your energy slowly starts to flow again..

The accumulated energy particles relax again and start to move.
You will begin to feel peace in your body and things that were unclear become clear.

What does this package include?

In this Qigong package I offer you some exercise to work specifically on your supply energy. There are three videos. It is best to start with the shaking exercise. This is a nice warming-up. After that you can, for example, do the slightly longer video. There are 4 exercises that build up the energy nicely.

It is best to end with the Tree Exercise.
If you have less time than 30 min, you can take a piece out. However, always try to do a minimum of 15 min ..

You may experience resistance after some time. This is ok and normal. Our ego does not want us to change. Our soul just wants to grow.
If you have any questions you can always send me a WhatsApp.

Buy the Qigong Stress Package

I wish you much luck! Cheers!

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