What is Qi Gong?

Qi stands for the Chinese concept of life energy; Gong means “art” or “skill”. Qi Gong can thus be translated as “the controlling of and working with life energy.”

Qigong is an ancient Chinese kinematics with smooth movements with which the body energy that is blocked, is liberated. For the energy paths to our major vital organs there are specific postures and movements that are taught in the lessons and practiced under guidance of the acupuncture and consciousness trainer Linda Bijtebier. She holds a Masters in Medical Qi Gong and can offer support with ailments and complaints in groups and individual sessions.

Experience the calm and smooth movements of Qigong, feel what it does to you and how much energy it gives you. It improves the vitality, health and brings peace and relaxation. Qi Gong is for all ages and classes are for those who give their body the benefit to flow and stay healthy.

Qi Gong is also known as the Chinese Mindfulness.

The lesson times are: Rotterdam Thursday evening from 19:30 until 21:00.

In Heilo each second Wednesday of the month from 19:30 until 21:00. (price €10)

Individual sessions with appointment. 

The origin of Qi Gong

Everything originates from the Dao, the way. The Dao is the Divine. The Dao is the centre of everything, from here everything is born, the Dao also encompasses everything. The great infinite whole.

From the Dao emerged Yin and Yang, the female and male. Duality. Warm versus cold, day versus night….

There is always a bit of Yang in Yin and a bit of Yin in Yang. Keeping balance in Yin and Yang is balancing your energy in your life. It keeps you healthy and vital.
Vitalize your old age!  Who does not want that? 

What is Medical Qi Gong?

The influence of Medical Qigong on the wellbeing of people is not so well known in the Netherlands. In China it is the foundation of Chinese Medicine.

Awareness of your body, move your body are important to maintain the best possible health. Stagnation makes that you do not feel comfortable in your own skin or brings ill effects.

In China, it is commonplace to practice Qi Gong and apply it in sessions. Here in the West, however, it is not yet the case.

Linda Bijtebier is Master of Medical Qigong and founder of Academ, center for inner well-being. Through her years of experience with acupuncture and energy work she knows how no other how healing Qi Gong exercises can be. This made her decide to, besides offering Medical Qi Gong training, to now also add the training Medical Qi Gong therapist to the curriculum of Academ.

Linda strives to spread Medical Qi Gong as much as possible in Europe in order to let as many people as possible take advantage of that.

Become old with vitality. Who would not want that?


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