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Do you want to build up Qi through your food?

Building Qi and bringing balance can also be done from the kitchen. The preventive approach of Chinese dietetics sees nutrition as a daily medicine.

We live in a society where fast food culture rules, where there is little or no feeling anymore with the importance of nutrition. A quick bite here and there, but are you aware of what you’re feeding yourself? Register quickly for this workshop if you want to build up Qi through nutrition. See you soon,

During this workshop I want to introduce everyone to Chinese nutrition according to TCM (common term on the website or not?). You can approach Chinese nutrition in two ways: preventive and medical.

I would like to discuss with you how we can approach nutrition as our daily medicine (the preventive approach) to create balance throughout our body.

Depending on the period of the year, I will take you into the kitchen and tell you about what you can do during that period to get balance through food and feel better about yourself.

What can you expect?

  • You will receive an ingredients list and can cook with me live or make the dish yourself afterwards
  • You will receive tips and theory during the workshop on Chinese nutrition to apply this lifestyle step by step
  • You get the recording of the session for two weeks to view afterwards

This workshop is for anyone who is consciously involved with nutrition, or who is looking for a healthier lifestyle.

I am Yannick De Schaepmeester,

As a child I liked to eat. I often played restaurant with my sister or we made pancakes or cake. In my teens I already helped with the household and sometimes started cooking myself. That was not without a struggle either, but you learn by doing. As I got older, my interest in food and cooking grew.

In my twenties I discovered more and more that cooking is a passion. I started to get more and more creative in the kitchen and started experimenting. At the age of 26 I first came into contact with Chinese nutrition and I started to view nutrition as a daily medicine. I immersed myself in this through trial and error.

This investment in yourself costs € 35

During this online workshop I invite you to my kitchen for 1 hour to give you a taste of Chinese nutrition. You can cook with me during the workshop or you can watch and experiment in your kitchen afterwards.


Data to be announced
€35 per lesson

After each lesson you will receive a link of the lesson that you can view online up to 1 week after the lesson series.

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