8 weeks of Qi Gong​

A different theme every quarter

Transforming your pitfalls and pains into qualities and positivity. Who would not want that? That is exactly what the 8 weeks of Qi gong is all about. Several times a year, a process of 8 x 45 minutes Qi Gong starts, each time we change themes. It will ensure that you feel more empowered in life, get more relaxation and can sleep better. Your overall health will also thank you. Try it out and see for yourself.

Qigong is an ancient Chinese movement theory. Qigong comes from the world of health among the Chinese.

By means of quiet repetitive movements, partly by breathing more slowly and keeping the attention on the movement, we work on our health in a powerful way. Stress is reduced and vitality increases. It prevents fatigue and other conditions and it boosts your immunity .

Qigong is simple. That makes it accessible to everyone. When you start practicing la’ger Qigong you get closer and closer to yourself and your own energy. It relaxes you in this hectic society.

The 8 weeks is for anyone who wants to improve his or her health and get more in balance. Even if you have mobility problems, you can participate in everything while sitting and, if necessary, completely in the visualization.

online qi gongYou are a free person, free from complaints and negative emotions

online qi gongStay calm in stressful situations through learned breathing techniques with Qi Gong

online qi gongBetter immune system through Qi Gong you improve your immune system and you become more vital

online qi gongMore energy: after removing your blockages, it will flow again in your body and life

online qi gongBeing flexible and moving more easily, and feeling powerful both mentally and physically

online qi gongDeep relaxation during and after classes I am looking forward to guiding this.

Linda Bijtebier

Doctor of Medical Qi Gong & Founder of Academ

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I am a Doctor of Medical Qi Gong and founder of Academ, center for inner well-being. By working for years as an acupuncturist, energy worker and body worker, I know better than anyone how healing the effect is when you start working with the movement of your breath, body and mind. Qi Gong is an ideal tool for this. I’ll give you an example. Your body consists of 75% water. If you compare your body to a river. The water of a river is healthy when it flows. If rocks and pollution create a stagnant pool in the river, this water becomes ill. Suppose you put antibiotics or disinfectant in there to heal it, but the water stays still like that. This means that the bacteria stay in it or come back. If you remove a boulder, the water will start moving again, it will become healthy and regain vitality and that is exactly how it works for the body. Think of an energetic blockage or pain that you have somewhere in your body. With symptom treatment you do not tackle the cause of the blockage or pain. The energy of your body does not really flow. The complaint will improve temporarily but will not always disappear permanently. It is my mission that more people become aware of this. Awareness of who you are, where you are and how you stand in life is important to get, be and stay in balance again. Being sick, feeling unwell, psychological imbalance, being lost… not knowing where, how or what… are signs of being out of center. Away from who you really are and what you come to do in this life. Being aware of your patterns and pitfalls will help you to grow in your life. I like to share this knowledge with many others. My motivation is also to spread Medical Qi Gong as much as possible in Europe in order to let as many people as possible benefit from it. In addition to the Netherlands, I am active in France and England. In addition to the awareness training or individual sessions, you can also follow the training for Therapist in Medical Qi Gong. This is a 4-year course at HBO level and registered by the KTNO. After this you can start as a therapist yourself. The training is based on the protocol of Prof. Johnson

Linda’s motto: All there is to do is his ~ Lao Tse.

You will learn this:
  • Qi Gong exercises, which will help you to get the energy in your spine to flow better, breathe deeper, get and retain more energy.
  • After the program your immune system has improved noticeably and you can also perform the Qi Gong exercises yourself
  • 8 times 45 minutes of live Qi Gong via Zoom

Including the following extras:

  • Personal guidance with questions or complaints via e-mail or whatsapp;
  • Temporary access to the lesson videos of all online lessons. You will receive the link immediately after the class, valid until 2 weeks after the end of the online program.
  • Anti-dropout guarantee: if the resistance is too great and you really cannot solve it, I will help you through it (15 minutes to call)

More info? info@academ.nl


Wednesday evening from 7 pm to 7.45pm
Price: – € 89.50 for 8 weeks
Start: December

After each lesson you will receive a link of the lesson that you can view online up to 2 weeks after the lesson series. 

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