Medical Qi Gong Therapist Education

ccredited 4 year HBO education

Do you also have the desire to work with people? To delve into how people work, deeper into the energetic story of people. Help them with their health in a holistic way.

Or do you want to get to know yourself better? Want to work on your own health preventively? Then follow the 4-year course to become a Medical Qi Gong Therapist.  

The Medical Qi Gong course is a 4-year course at HBO level.

Within the training, the student learns the theory of ancient Chinese medicine. The training takes care of it

that the student can distinguish energy, detect blockages and put them in motion again. Let the body flow. It becomes clear how a belief lives in the body as a kind of parasite and ensures that the customer does not feel well and may even become ill.

During the training, there is a lot of practice so that the student himself experiences the added value and effect of Qi Gong. First, tidy yourself up, clean up and let go of old ballast. Practice consists of Neigong and Weigong exercises, learning to feel and strengthen inner alchemy. In other words, through moving and static exercises you experience in your own body what the power of medical Qi Gong is and how you can use it later with your clients. By experiencing the exercises you also feel what blockages are about, how they can dissolve and how they can also go into resistance. Work is done in the three main bodies of man. The physical body, the energetic body and the spiritual body. All three are equally important. Only removing a blockage or stagnation in the physical body, for example, ensures that the complaint comes back through the energetic or spiritual body.

Spiritual Psychology and Elemental Theory

During the training, the student learns to work with:

  • spiritual psychology
  • the five element theory and the psychology of the five elements
  • the healing techniques of medical Qi Gong
  • emotions

Vijf Elementen LeerBackground – Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water

The formation of the 5 elements already occurs during pregnancy. Each element is linked to a main member and to a secondary member.

The elements are Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water.

Each element has 2 organs that provide it with nutrition.

  • Wood: liver and gallbladder
  • Fire: heart and small intestine
  • Earth: spleen (+ pancreas) and stomach
  • Metal: lungs and colon
  • Water: kidneys and bladder.

The healthier the mother is during pregnancy, the stronger these elements will be in the child.

Each organ carries an emotion, a psyche and virtue.

  chinees teken metaal     chinees teken aarde     chinees teken hout    chinees teken water  chinees teken vuur

The liver carries the emotion of anger, the liver shows you your path, virtue is love.

The gallbladder makes you take steps. For example, if there is a less strongly developed wood element, it may be that the child or person will develop complaints at a later age. Eg. vision can deteriorate, jaundice, aggression, depression, …

The heart carries the emotion of joy, with which you are born, but survival brings imbalance in this emotion. The small intestine clarifies what is right and wrong for you. Imbalance in element fire can cause complaints such as heart problems, relationship problems or small intestine complaints, such as undigested food in your stool.

The spleen stands for trust and the stomach helps you to process stimuli from the inside and outside. Imbalance in the element earth can lead to diabetes, obesity, worry, …

The lungs represent justice and self-esteem, the colon letting go. If there is a less strongly developed metal element, it may be that complaints arise at a later age such as asthma problems in setting boundaries,….

The kidneys represent your wisdom and your will as well as your ancestral information and your primal power. The bladder is about letting go. When not functioning properly, complaints such as hearing problems, hair loss, bone complaints and / or anxiety complaints can arise.

During the training you can explore this within yourself. You can feel, express and heal them. When you have discovered this in yourself, you can easily see it in the other. You will be taught the healing to be able to work with your client later on. In the healing you learn to work in the aura, the energy fields around the body, you will also work in the body.

For this purpose, several tools are provided and taught, and sufficiently practiced together.

The Practitioner part

The first two years consist of 20 contact moments online of 3 hours each. The 20 contact moments are spread over approximately 2 years. In concrete terms, it means that there is a meeting approximately every month, with the exception of the summer holidays.

As a Practitioner you can start your own practice. You can already mean quite a bit for your client, both in healing and with exercises. After the first two years, an exam is taken to see if you can continue as a therapist. After the Practitioner you will receive a certificate.

The Therapist part

Here too, the training is made up of 20 contact moments online of 3 hours each. The 20 contact moments are spread over approximately 2 years. In concrete terms, it means that there is a meeting approximately every month, with the exception of the summer holidays.

As a therapist you can really get started, you can go into depth with your client, you have a better overview of what is going on, what is going on and how you can guide the client.

After these two years, proper reporting must be done. The student keeps track of this digitally.

Furthermore, a practical exam is done,

After the Therapists part you will receive a certificate.


When you are a therapist you can deepen your knowledge at master level. Here you will get a much deeper insight into how energy works and you will also learn to master your own life. If you want to specialize even more, you can continue at doctoral level, after which you will receive a doctoral student certificate.

The exams consist of theory and practice.

In the Practitioner part, anyone can enter, regardless of physical condition or age, who is curious about consciousness development, personal growth and is capable of self-reflection. After completing the preliminary process, an exam and admission interview will follow before entering the training to become a Medical Qi Gong Therapist.

The training is also for a professional who helps clients to deal with physical, psychosocial complaints. After the completed Practitioner you can immediately apply what you have learned in the professional setting, in the profession in which you work. You can also start with your own practice, for example.

Examples of professions where Medical Qi Gong is an addition to:

  • Acupuncturists
  • Yoga teachers
  • Tai Chi / Qi Gong teachers
  • Coaches
  • Massage therapists
  • Therapists who want to delve into the Chinese vision

The program has the right to exclude a student who repeatedly does not want to recognize his / her own process or who runs away from it from further participation in the program. Based on this vision, the training guarantees professionally trained therapists.

Linda Bijtebier

Doctor of Medical Qi Gong & Founder of Academlinda site foto

I am a Doctor of Medical Qigong and founder of Academ, center for inner well-being. By working for years as an acupuncturist, energy worker and body worker, I know better than anyone how healing the effect is when you start working with the movement of your breath, body and mind. Qigong is an ideal tool for this.

I’ll give you an example. Your body consists of 75% water. If you compare your body to a river. The water of a river is healthy when it flows. If rocks and pollution create a stagnant pool in the river, this water becomes ill. Suppose you put antibiotics or disinfectant in there to heal it, but the water stays still like that. This means that the bacteria stay in it or come back. If you remove a rock, the water will start moving again, it will become healthy and regain vitality and that is exactly how it works for the body.

Think of an energetic blockage or pain that you have somewhere in your body. With symptom treatment you do not tackle the cause of the blockage or pain. The energy of your body does not really flow. The complaint will improve temporarily but not always disappear permanently. It is my mission that more people become aware of this.

Awareness of who you are, where you are and how you stand in life is important to regain, be and stay in balance. Being sick, feeling unwell, psychological imbalance, being lost… not knowing where, how or what… are signs of being out of center. Away from who you really are and what you come to do in this life. Being aware of your patterns and pitfalls will help you to grow in your life.

I like to share this knowledge with many others. My motivation is also to spread Medical Qigong as much as possible in Europe in order to let as many people as possible benefit from it. In addition to the Netherlands, I am active in France and England.

In addition to the awareness training or individual sessions, you can also follow the training for Therapist in Medical Qigong. This is a 4-year course at HBO level and registered by the KTNO. After this you can start as a therapist yourself.

The training is based on the protocol of Prof. Johnson

Linda’s motto: All there is to do is his ~ Lao Tse.


De opleiding wordt volledig online gegeven via Zoom. Van tijd tot tijd zullen er ook live sessies gegeven worden in Academ, centrum voor innerlijk welzijn, in Rotterdam Noord.

Graaf Jan van Nassaustraat 8a I-II
3051 GE Rotterdam


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