Will Qi Gong work for me?

Yes, why not? You are a human being of flesh and blood. The three pillars of body, mind and energy are also present in you. Give the yes to your vital change.

Am I not too old to practice Qi gong?

You are as old as you feel. The year of birth on your passport does not count. Your inner age is what counts!

Why should I do Qi gong? What will it give me?

Qi stands for the Chinese concept of life energy; Gong means as much as “the art” or “skill”. Qi Gong can be translated as “mastering and working with life energy”.

Qi Gong is an old Chinese movement theory in which the body energy that is blocked is released in flowing movements. For the energy paths to our important vital organs, there are specific postures and movements that are taught and practised in the lessons.

When you start practising the calm and flowing movements of Qi Gong, feel what it does to you and how much energy it gives you. It increases your immunity, improves your vitality, your health and brings peace and relaxation. Qi Gong is for all ages. You allow your body the benefit of feeling the energy flowing in your body and staying healthy.

Qi Gong has taught me that I can be vital in life and I like to share this knowledge with others.

In addition, I have gained knowledge on both energy level, body level and mental level. The crowning glory of my work was obtaining a Master’s degree in Medical Qi Gong.

I have more than 20 years of experience in this work.

Shall I wait until next year?

You can! No problem. However, it is a pity that you don’t give it to yourself now. What resistance do you feel? Maybe there is a fear of change. Possible and you do not have to let yourself be led by this thought and feeling. You might just regret it and then waiting a year is a very long time.

In the exciting time we are living in with the active Coronavirus, it is very important that you make yourself strong. That you boost your immune system.

In the Strong and Healthy programme, we will work on this, of course. After all, a strong immune system contributes to vital ageing. To be able to resist any threat whatsoever.

Will I really feel the effect of Qi Gong?

Yes, absolutely. Every human being consists of energy, body and mind. Qi Gong goes beyond the physical and can also be the key to the vital change you seek.

If I cannot attend a live class, can I reschedule?

You participate in the online live Qi Gong classes together with other participants, so rescheduling is not possible. However, you will receive the link to the lesson after the lesson so you do not have to miss anything. Not even if you are on holiday for a couple of weeks or cannot participate in the live online class.

Can I get this course reimbursed by my health insurance company?

No, this is unfortunately not possible yet. We do not exclude that this will be possible in the long run, but for that to happen, the government and health insurers will have to put their money (and not just their words) into preventive healthcare.

I am quite stiff and not flexible, can I do Qi Gong?

The Qi Gong exercises are easily accessible and also practicable for those who are starting out. During the lessons there is attention for both beginners and advanced students.

Do you have any questions?

Every question is welcome, you can contact Linda via the form here below.

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