What is Medical Qi Gong?

The influence of Medical Qigong on the wellbeing of people is not so well known in the Netherlands. In China it is the foundation of Chinese Medicine.

Awareness of your body, move your body are important to maintain the best possible health. Stagnation makes that you do not feel comfortable in your own skin or brings ill effects.

In China, it is commonplace to practice Qi Gong and apply it in sessions. Here in the West, however, it is not yet the case.

Linda Bijtebier is Master of Medical Qigong and founder of Academ, center for inner well-being. Through her years of experience with acupuncture and energy work she knows how no other how healing Qi Gong exercises can be. This made her decide to, besides offering Medical Qi Gong training, to now also add the training Medical Qi Gong therapist to the curriculum of Academ.

Linda strives to spread Medical Qi Gong as much as possible in Europe in order to let as many people as possible take advantage of that.

Become old with vitality. Who would not want that?