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Linda Bijtebier

Doctor of Medical Qi Gong & Founder of Academ

I am a Doctor of Medical Qigong and founder of Academ, center for inner well-being. By working for years as an acupuncturist, energy worker and body worker, I know better than anyone how healing the effect is when you start working with the movement of your breath, body and mind. Qigong is an ideal tool for this.

I’ll give you an example. Your body consists of 75% water. If you compare your body to a river. The water of a river is healthy when it flows. If rocks and pollution create a stagnant pool in the river, this water becomes ill. Suppose you put antibiotics or disinfectant in there to heal it, but the water stays still like that. This means that the bacteria stay in it or come back. If you remove a rock, the water will start moving again, it will become healthy and regain vitality and that is exactly how it works for the body.

Think of an energetic blockage or pain that you have somewhere in your body. With symptom treatment you do not tackle the cause of the blockage or pain. The energy of your body does not really flow. The complaint will improve temporarily but not always disappear permanently. It is my mission that more people become aware of this.

Awareness of who you are, where you are and how you stand in life is important to regain, be and stay in balance. Being sick, feeling unwell, psychological imbalance, being lost… not knowing where, how or what… are signs of being out of center. Away from who you really are and what you come to do in this life. Being aware of your patterns and pitfalls will help you to grow in your life.

I like to share this knowledge with many others. My motivation is also to spread Medical Qigong as much as possible in Europe in order to let as many people as possible benefit from it. In addition to the Netherlands, I am active in France and England.

In addition to the awareness training or individual sessions, you can also follow the training for Therapist in Medical Qigong. This is a 4-year course at HBO level and registered by the KTNO. After this you can start as a therapist yourself.

The training is based on the protocol of Prof. Johnson

Linda’s motto: All there is to do is his ~ Lao Tse.

Sofie De Schaepmeester​

I have made the choice to live my passion. For years, I have dreamed of starting my own practice and it gives me great satisfaction to be able to do so.

Within my vision, I emphasise the connection between body and mind, these are in constant interaction with each other. Emotional complaints can give rise to physical problems and vice versa. Within the therapy, I find it important not only to work in the head of the client, but also to let him feel in his body. Awareness of body signals can help you learn to protect yourself psychologically. It fascinates me to support my client in his deepening process towards more awareness. Bringing more insights about certain life patterns, the link between physical and emotional blockages, ...Already in childhood, you develop different convictions, these come into being as a reaction to your contact with the outside world. These convictions ensure that, depending on the situation, you will learn to react in a specific way. The main objective is to protect yourself. These protection or survival mechanisms cause you to feel, think and act in a certain way in certain situations. You develop patterns that help you to hold your own within your own life. After a while, however, these patterns can become traps. It is important to gain insight into this and to make changes with the aim of increasing the client's quality of life again.

The client is always responsible for his own process. As a psychotherapist, I support them in this.

Sylvie De Schaepmeester

I am Sylvie De Schaepmeester. I am a mother of three and work in nursery education.

I am also a medical Qi Gong practitioner and I work with Bach Blossoms. My specialisation is working with children.

My goal is to make children more resilient in this society. To make them aware of their own body. The children learn to know and process their emotions. They learn to feel and listen to themselves.

I also want to introduce teachers, educators, youth workers, anyone who works with children, to Qi Gong in order to better understand and guide the children.

Yannick De Schaepmeester

My name is Yannick De Schaepmeester,

As a child, I already loved food. I often played restaurant with my sister or we made pancakes or cake. In my teens, I already helped with the housework and sometimes went out to cook for myself. That was not without its struggles, but you learn by doing. As I got older, my interest in food and cooking grew.

In my twenties, I discovered more and more that cooking is a passion. I started to get more and more creative in the kitchen and to experiment. When I was 26, I first came into contact with Chinese nutrition and started looking at food more as an everyday medicine. I studied this in depth through trial and error.

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