Chinese Medicine

Medical Qi Gong

Medical Qi Gong is the foundation of Chinese Medicine.

Through awareness and movement you can keep your health at an optimal level. Being stuck, will cause illness or not feeling well

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Therapist Training

Dr. Linda Bijtebier gives the training for Master in Medical Qigong, recognized by Prof. Dr J.A. Johnson and Dr Laura Johnson. A 4 year college level training after which you can start working as a therapist yourself.

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Online Qi Gong

Follow Qigong lessons online, given by Dr Linda Bijtebier herself. Choose your subscription that suites you and do the lessons at your time, at your home. Did you know that doing Qigong regularly your whole energy system recovers?

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Linda Bijtebier

Linda Bijtebier is Doctor in Medical Qigong and founder of Academ, centre of inner wellbeing in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Thanks to her years of experience with acupuncture and energy work, she knows like no other how healing Qigong exercises can be.

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Being aware

Awareness of who you are, where you are and how you live is important to stay and be in balance. Being sick, not feeling well, psychic imbalance, feeling lost are signs of being out of your center. Away from who you really are and what you come to do in this life. Having a sense of your patterns and pitfalls helps you grow in your life.

Linda offers support through Qigong lessons, therapy and education, that is based on immemorial Chinese medicine and wisdom.


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